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Breathing is Easy

Thanks to the revolutionary design, all you need to do is breathe naturally through the nose and mouth. Say goodbye to those cumbersome mouthpieces (and sore lips) for good. And because your mouth is free, you can even talk naturally.

It’s Super Comfortable

Of course, breathing naturally is comfortable, but the full face mask snorkeling offers even more.  First, it has a medical-grade silicone lining that snugly yet comfortably wraps around your face- giving you a secure fit. Second, the adjustable elastic straps are velvety in texture, meaning your hair won’t get pulled or tangled.  It’s lightweight and simply feels good on. And because it’s so comfortable to wear, that leads us to the next advantage:

You’ll Spend More Time Snorkeling

In fact, guests have reported spending up to 3 times longer actually snorkeling than those who use traditional snorkeling gear.  So full face mask snorkeling is the best way to make the most of your ocean time.

Unparalleled Visibility

You get a 180-degree panoramic view- which is much better than traditional snorkel masks. Plus, it features a patented breath circulation concept, which means a fog-resistant dive for you.

Your Face Stays Dry

Thanks to the ball/weight plug system, water can’t enter the tube- even when you’re completely submerged, the water is choppy, oR if you leanvery far forward to admire the seabed. This is especially great if you’re new to snorkeling and aren’t comfortable with having to clear the airshaft of water.


GoPro Camera Mount

The top of the mask features a handy little mount adaptor for your GoPro so you’ll be able to capture and relive your snorkeling experience anytime. 

Environmentally Responsible

We're is a good steward of the environment who believe in giving back. To this end, we make a donation to a non-profit organization that works to protect endangered species such as the Green Sea Turtle annually.

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